• Pedal powered design ideas

Posted by brian on Wednesday, March 5, 2014
I've been working with Luke and Dan at Click to come up with the best design for the press. We didn't really set ourselves a brief and we've not really set any limits on the creative process. The only rule we have set is that the press should be made of as many bike parts as possible. This is not proving to be a problem as yet, bikes are fantastically versatile.

So far we've got ideas that use freewheels, chain rings, chains, bottom brackets and cranks. Plus some more outlandish ideas that include four BMX bike frames and the springs from those gorgeous Brooks B66 saddles. We're flirting with rack and pinion jacks, compound gears, cams and even a 10 tonne portable hydraulic rescue system forced entry tool!

We've got together a couple of times and swapped numerous random emails - it's great to be working with skilled, creative people - I'm loving every minute of it.