• Yorkshire Festival Launch - 100 Days Until Race Day!

Posted by brian on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So we made it, The press was completed just in time for the start of the Yorkshire Grand Depart Festival last weekend. It was close and we only managed Saturday and Sunday in the end, not the Friday as originally planned. Over the weekend there were some great reactions, everything from complete bewilderment to ecstatic enthusiasm.

I was manning the press and I had some fantastic comments; 'Bonkers' 'Madness' and 'Epic' were amongst my favourites. The mechanics all worked well and amazingly there were no breakdowns all weekend, I didn't even have a chain come off, which I still can't believe.

I would have liked the print quality to have been better, the wind didn't help, but to be honest I'd have liked more pressure from the press. Sunday's prints were better than Saturday's (I was a bit cautions on Saturday), but by the end on Sunday I'd maxed out the available pressure. I do have a few ideas to improve things - and we did build into the design a way to increase the pressure, so we'll give that a go next. With hindsight the design was possibly a bit optimistic too, but we planned to do a different design for race day anyway.

All in it was a great weekend, you can see lots of photographs of the completed press on the gallery page and there should be a video soon too. The highlight for me was helping children to make their own prints, the whole process turned out to be really fun and interactive. All sorts of people had a go and it proved just as popular with print and design geeks as it did with cycle fans - just what I was aiming for.